Monthly Payroll Process Outsourcing

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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is a proven, strategic way to reduce and control operating costs, improve Company focus and gain access to world-class processes. Due to the complexity of modern remuneration structures, there is a need for expert guidance and implementation making Payroll Outsourcing significant and effective.

Outdated labour and employment law posters

  • Management of the entire take-on process and a tax compliance review of payroll.
  • Payroll services for different pay-cycles.

Insufficient record retention

  • In depth review of all variances between current and previous periods payroll data.
  • Comprehensive leave administration as well as accurate monthly calculation of leaves liability

Inaccurate wage/hour/time records

  • Consolidation of reports across multiple companies
  • Customized reports in electronic format including reports for statutory payments and Compliances

Streamline Your HR Processes with Our Payroll & Statutory Compliance Solutions

At Trimurti Group, while managing the pay-roll for our clients, we consider Monthly Components, Viz Basic Salary, HRA, Books & Education Allowances, Special Allowances, & Deductions including Contribution to EPF, PT, MLWF, ESIC, other voluntary Deductions & Annual Components like Incentives, Bonus, Leave, Annual Encashment, Medical Benefit, Related to each Employee of the Company.

Our services includes:

  • 1) Salary Structuring with the view to Minimize tax Burden on the Employees &
  • Maximize their take home salary
  • 2) Receiving data from our clients, processing the same at our fully automated
  • payroll management System
  • 3) Generate payroll register in Excel, PDF, Word, and Format
  • 4) Generate Salary Withheld report
  • 5) Maintaining Attendance record, Salary Wages Register Leave record etc
  • 6) Preparation Department wise, Location/Site Wise Salary Sheet
  • 7) Providing Monthly Salary slip to the Employer through Email
  • 8) Calculation of Overtime/Special Incentives, Bonus, Leave Encashment
  • 9) Preparing arrear sheet
  • 10) Providing Data for EPF, ESI, MLWF, PT Compliances
  • 11) Providing data for Full & Final Settlement of Dues to Leaving Employees
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