Labour Laws Registration, Liasioning, Renewals Services (Labour License, RC under CLRA, BOCW License)

Labour Laws Liasioning Services

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Labour Laws Liasioning Services

Contract labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970

We are providing Following Services in Compliances to the Provision of The Contract labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970.

Contract Labour Compliances for Employer (Company) & Contractor

  • 1) Obtaining New Registration Certificate (RC) for Principal Employer/Factory/ Establishment for deploying contract labour in factory under Contract Labour Act from Labour Commissioner.
  • 2) Obtaining New Labour License for Contractors from Labour Commissioner
  • 3) Amendments in Principal Employer Registration Certificate in every year
  • 4) Renewal/Amendment of Labour License from time to time from Labour Commissioner.
  • 5) Preparation & Maintaining of Various registers as provided under the Contract Labour act, Register of Contractors, Register of Workmen Employed by Contractors, Register of Wages, Register of Overtime, Register of Fine, Register of Deductions, Register of Advance.
  • 6) To Help in Preparation & maintain to various Record Like Wage slip, Muster Roll as per Contract Act.
  • 7) Assistance to Ensuring Compliances of the provision of the contract labour act related to Disclosure, Notices, Displays, Deductions etc.
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Labour Laws Liasioning Services

The Payment of Wages Act 1936

We are providing following Services in Compliances to the Provision of Payment of Wages Act 1936.

  • 1) Providing Day to day consultancy for matters pertaining to Payment Wages.
  • 2) Ensuring/Assisting in Complying with the provisions of the act related to disclosure, notices, displays, Fine, Deductions etc
  • 3) Maintain Various registers & records as provided under this act
  • 4) Replying/satisfying show cause notice issued by the Inspector
  • 5) Representing the Factory/Establishment before the Inspector
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