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Important Notifications Factories Act _Applicability Factories Act_02/2015 Download
Factories Act_2015_MFR_Amendments_09/2015 Download
Factories Act_Govt of Maha Area revised_06/2021 Download
Factories Act_List of Hazarous Factory Download
Factories Act_Night_Shift_05/2016 Download
factories Act_Power_Press Guidelines_07/2017 Download
Factories Act_Sanitary Napkin at Factories_11/2019 Download
Factories Act_Safety Officer Applicability_03/2019 Download
MPCB_CPCB's Categorization of Consent_07/2016 Download
MPCB_Delegation of Power Grant Consent Download
MPCB_Guidelines consent_fees_ Declarations_01/2016 Download
MPCB_IT and ITES Category Circular_05/16 Download
MPCB_Late fee Penal Charges Notification_07/2022 Download
CLRA_Contract Labour increase Govt Fees_06/2015 Download
CLRA_GR CLRA 20 to 50 Manpower_05/2017 Download
EPFO_Booklet for Employees Download
EPFO_Contribution Rate & Admin Charges Download
EPFO_EPS_95_Pension Disbursing Bank 12/2018 Download
EPFO_Form NO 9 Dis-continew_09/2017 Download
EPFO_GR EDLI under EPFO Increase 7 lakhs_04/2021 Download
EPFO_IW Hand_Book for Employer Download
EPFO_IW_EPS pay on Full Salary_07/2017 Download
EPFO_NO Contribution on CTC_03/2014 Download
EPFO_PF Notification Celing Limit Increase w.e.f Sept 08/2014 Download
EPFO_SC Judgement _PF Applicable All Allowances_03/2019 Download
EPFO_Trainee Employees Applicable PF_10/2015 Download
EPFO_Wage Ceiling Limit_1952 to Till Date Download
ESIC_ESIC Applicable for 10 Persons w.e.f 09/2020 Download
ESIC_GR Covered All District_Maha_07/2016 Download
ESIC_Increase Limit up to 21000_12/2016 Download
ESIC_Revised ESIC Rate 01.07.2019 _ 4% All Area 06/2019 Download
ESIC_SC Judgement _Con All_11/2021 Download
Maternity Act _GR New Amendment_03/2017 Download
Maternity Act_Increase_in_Maternity_Bonus_from_2500_to_3500_12/2011 Download
Bonus_Bonus Paid as per Minimum Wages Act_1/2016 Download
Labour Office _Labour Office Address Download
MLWF Act_ MLWF online Payment Notification 12/2019 Download
PTRC_Online Payment_11/2010 Download
Shop Act _Various_Exemption Provision_03/2015 Download